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Create watermark using InDesign

I am working on a total image package for a startup business and per their request, they would like their stationery to feature their logo as a watermark image. With this being a printed watermark, I am wondering if there is a magic percentage of transparency I should set this image as. I plan on doing it entirely in InDesign but am open to doing in alternate manners.

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If the letterhead is being offset printed I'd recommend screening the logo back to about 8% - 12%. This may need to be bumped to 15% if the logo is made up of lighter colors.

Please keep in mind that the darkness of the logo can be somewhat subjective.

My experience has been any dark colors printed over 20% will start to interfere slightly with the readability of the text on the page. On the other side AVOID going below 5%. Most printers have trouble holding a dot in the 3%-5% range. [It will disappear]

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