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Creating Custom made Backgrounds for DMG's and CD's


I would like to create a CD with a custom background (like The Open Office Project attached). How can I do this? I'd like to then be able to make multiple copies of the CD using toast that can work on Windows (obviously they won't have the background I just need them to be able to open the files) and Mac (with the fancy front end background.)

Help please! lol


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you need skillz

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... Thanks?

That's really helpful!



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You've got it man!

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Most CD burning applications offer a drag & drop method to create background images - Toast is one of them. If you click the "More" button in the CD Options area, you'll have the ability to set the background as a color or picture - as well as set the list view to Icons instead of list or columns.

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Always to the rescue!

But how do I set the window width and all of that?

What I really would like to know is that IF I burn in the Finder (OS X.4) would PCs be able to read the disc? (I really don't see a problem really, I'm just covering bases IN CASE some 'crazy person uses PC's instead of Macs!) If I dupe it in Toast (I know no other way of duping other than from toast) Would PCs be able to read it?

So these are my steps: 1. Create the CD in the Finder and set the background image from in the finder.
Step 2. Burn it with the files set in their respective positions
Step 3. Use toast to just dupe it x amount of times.

how does that sound?

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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Unfortunately I couldn't get it to do a HYBRID PC cd. OH well Guess you can't win em all.

See this solution here:

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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