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Do you play any games on your Mac?

The last games I played were SimCity, Sims and Tomb Raider. But, that was like years ago. I don't really play games on my Mac anymore. I use PS2 for that, how about you? Do you think Mac gaming is not as big as is could be?

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once in a while we take a gaming session in school and then we play Halo or Unreal 2004... but back in the good old days it was Worms, SimCity 2000 and Shuffelpuck!

but like you said... the PS2 is a lot better for these kind of games... but i rarely have time these days for games... sadly.

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I try to keep games off my Mac as I find that if I have games on there, work sometimes gets interrupted for extended periods of time. I tend to stick to my XBox for gaming when I have the time.

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I play a few hours of Unreal Tounrament 2004 a week. The internet play is awsome.

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