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editable template for web design

i have a client who would like me to design a template for his new website, so that he can edit the content. i've never done web work besides my own site so i don't even know where to begin. any suggestions?

::heather malone

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It's called a CMS. Content Management System. You can suggest Wordpress or Drupal as the most popular ones. Most webhosts have one-click installation for these engines. If you need more help just let me know!

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the actual answer isnt really THAT cut and dried. if someone has to ask this question there is still an uphill learning curve even for the simplest option (that being wordpress)

id suggest contracting it out to an experienced CMS developer for now and if you see the need for more of this in the future, look into classes (or simply books) on wordpress or higher power and MUCH more complex routes like joomla, drupal etc...

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The CMS is free, and carries a record

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you can change it in the code, after all all palntillas are editable.

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Great that was nice., Happy to hear that.

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