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Family Farm Logo

Hi All,

This logo is for a family farm that I'm working with. They produce naturally-raised beef cattle, and wanted a logo that gives the impression of a family-run organization that is professional in quality but not corporate.

I'd love to hear what you think - have we got it?

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mmmm. Not sure about this one. It has potential but at the moment looks a bit spread out and does not look like a strong brand. I know its a family business, but that is no reason whty they cant have stronger branding.

Have you considered the same idea but presenting it almost as a badge with Wispering Meadows writen in a heavier font as a masthead over the top and Family Farm at the bottom. That may tighten it up a little.

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I think you got the concept right, but need to work out the details.

1. Type: I'd choose something oldschool and less elegant. Something rough and classic. You can take a bold serif typeface and destroy it maybe. It needs to look like it's been painted 100 years ago or it has been carved into wood.
2. Decor: I like the way you did the greens, except the first line from the left. That one looks a bit akward. You may want to lose the grey ones on the right.
3. Illustration: The perspective of the house makes it looks unstable. You don't want to convey dynamism in this illustration. It's more about tradition and stability. That structure behind the house looks a bit odd. What is it? Doesn't fit to the style of the illustration that you started with the green lines and the house. Uneven line width is very good.
4. Colors: You need earthy and warm colors in there. Right now it's a bit clinical and sterily. The sun works well for example.

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I agree with all of Ivan's comments.

The type looks stuck in there, you do need to tie the type in with the illustration more.

Could you make the entire logo a stamp looking piece? That would convey what Ivan was talking about. Right now the logo looks NEW and fake. I don't really trust this old farm, like you want me to.

The illustration might be a bit cliche, but that would be ok, if you treated it in a stamp or other unique fashion.

Hope it helps. -

Graphic, Web and Logo Designer from Pittsburgh, PA

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Thanks very much for the comments so far. I certainly agree that it mixes some different styles and needs some more work to tie everything in together.

The client didn't like the more classic fonts and concepts that I showed them, so this is what evolved. The overall style fits with the industry that they're competing in, which is organic foods in Canada -- most companies of this type have logos that are somewhat spread out and incorporate a number of different elements, rather than being tightened into a badge or stamp.

Some thoughts:

  • If I incorporated an uneven line width into the silo & wind elements, would they work better, or should I dump them?
  • I wanted to give the lines less contrast than the text. Would brown be better than grey? I found that it lost contrast with the barn colours when I tried it.
  • I don't really like having the text on three cascading levels like that, but I haven't found a better way to lay it out. If 'Whispering Meadows' is on one line, it makes it too long, and it doesn't work if it's all stacked vertically. Any ideas what might work better?

Many thanks!

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I like it pretty well! I don't like the trees coming up behind the barn like spikes.

p.s. where are all the cows? The whole green fields thing make it look more like a corn/soybean farm than an animal farm to me..

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We all missed this "tiny" detail, but I'm sure there is a good reason for them not being there.

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We did play around with cows, etc, but the consensus was to keep it uncluttered. Clients decided to run with it as-is, but I'll definitely keep these comments in mind when it comes time for an update.

Thanks again!

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