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Firefox 2.0 Mac OS X

Firefox iconFirefox 2.0 was released almost at the same time as Internet Explorer 7. And, what a difference. While Firefox alongside Opera is raising the bar, IE7 is barely catching up with the rest of the crowd.

This is a good example of how much more efficient the open source community can be compared to a giant behemoth company like MS. The new Firefox packs a lot of cool new features and most importantly it is much faster than the previous version. Here are the new features in the order of importance for me.

1. Speed.

The new Firefox's speed is now comparable to Safari and Shiira. Switching between tabs, resizing windows and scrolling a page are instantaneous.

2. RSS integration.

Firefox RSS
For those of us who use RSS readers, Firefox now has the feature to select your favorite reader in the preferences. Next time you come across a site that you want to subscribe to, you can simply press the feed icon in the right corner of the address bar for the url of the feed to be added to your fav newsreader application or account. This is a huge time saver and very convenient.

3. Spell check

Nothing new to Safari users, but it was a missing much needed feature of Firefox. Misspelled words are underlined with a red dotted line and can be easily fixed by CTRL-clicking on them.

4. Sexy looks

The new default theme is much nicer and well thought out. Navigation icons highlight on hover. Tabs feature a sleek gradient. Input boxes appear more precisely.

5. Improved tabs

Tabs are better looking and slightly bigger which makes them easier to navigate. If you have too many tabs open you now have a special menu on the right side of the tabs section that gives you a drop down menu of all your open tabs.

6. Highlighting in search

The ability to highlight search results is very useful. Just press Apple (Cmd)-F and you will have the option in the search bar.

There are many more announced features that I either don't understand fully or don't care much about, such as remembering tabs, phishing protection, javascript 1.7, svg text, live headers, etc. But even just those six features listed above are well worth the upgrade, and make Firefox one of the best if not the best browsers available today.

PS. Even if you prefer IE over Firefox or Opera for some strange reason on your PC, please do yourself and all web designers a favor and download IE7 at least.

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I downloaded Firefox after I started having trouble with Yahoo! on Safari (could not access Address Book). I was also sick and tired of going to websites that did not recognize Safari. Well, it was love at first sight! I particularly enjoy the text editing controls for emails. Unfortunately, the shine is off the relationship. For some reason I have lost the use of my Yahoo! address book and Autofill. Furthermore, many websites do not recognize Firefox. So I have gone back to Safari (where, for some reason, I can use Address Book and Autofill again).
I also tried Camino, but for the life of me I can't see why people get excited about it.

Back up my hard drive? How do I get my computer into reverse?

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If you want maximum speed dowload the CPU optimized versions of FF here:

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I don't if it's just me but I have problems with FF2 just about everyday. It'll crash on me once every hour or so. I don't know if it's the extensions I installed or something else. It'll just hang and I have to force quit.

The extensions I have are *supposed* to be compatible with the version.

So FF2 is pretty much unusable for me. And I don't like how some sites don't work with Safari.

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I heard others complaining about the same... I had no such problems so far.

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I'm on a G4 Quicksilver 800mhz mac running OSX 10.3.9 and im having tab problems with my FF 2.0.

Is it just me overlooking something extremly basic, but im having problems with the tabs - i.e: tabs squashed together on the left of the browser (about 50px wide) leaving the rest of the window blank.

if i right click on the tabs in get the list of windows that are apparently open, but its like tha tabs dont work at all!

i have reinstalled it about 4 times - no joy.

i've even downloaded the "optimum version (BonEcho) twice - same result!

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Yeah, I have exactly the same problem as you, and I'm yet to find a solution... If I find out any more about it, I'll let you know.

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I had the same problem. I fixed it by going to preferences>tab browsing> then selected "display options'. I then methodically proceeded to uncheck all of the boxes and it fixed it!

Hope that helps.

Big Mo

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I have a pc laptop and downloaded the IE7 update. It's SLOW. Very slow. Seems like a step backwards, akin to everything else Microsoft is doing these days. The Zune is a prime example of this slipping standard.


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