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Font Issue

Hi Guys please view the attachment and let me know what could be the cause of this display error.

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Looks like the funky helvetica system font issue causing your browser, probably Safari?, to look weird.

1. Don't use FontBook. Sucks.
2. Get the free version of FontExplorer:
3. Go to Tools/Clean System Fonts Folder and FE will remove any fonts that shouldn't be there (it will get down to twelve or so fonts) and you'll move your user fonts somewhere else.
4. Relink to your moved user fonts

Should fix it.

"Powerpoint is not a design application"

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Yes, this is a common problem... turn off helvetica fractions.

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I can second this advice. Did that years ago when I had the same problem.

A little something they left out of the movie...


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Sorry for the 2X


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