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Garden Center Logo

Okay, hopefully I'm doing this right. This is the first critique I've posted in 2+ years of being a member (be nice, Plugz!!).

This is a logo I designed a few months ago. I like it pretty well and consider it finished (the bottom one obviously being "the one", but left the other top few on to show what I've tried), but I need another set of eyes before I roll with it. Let me know what you think, am I missing something? It will not be scaled much smaller than you see it here, if any smaller.

Thanks in advance and let the mud-flinging commence!

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K I just realized this. For some reason never saw the apostrophe a mile up. I will move that down when I outline it.... unless you guys hate it so much I start from scratch. :)

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It doesn't feel strong enough for me tough, I do like the way it's quite light and fresh but it's missing something for me.

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I'm sort of having an issue with the two fonts together? I think that might be why it's missing something. I feel like both are used as accent fonts, but they might not be so cohesive together? I love the trowel though. Maybe make some of the line a little thicker and some thinner? It might just give it a bit more depth.

I think what's throwing me is everything pretty much has the same lineweight - both the text and the image.

The general idea is good though, i'd stick with it

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the number one rule in design. never use two different script typefaces together. if you MUST use two different typefaces. make them have great contrast. ie/ a script and a sans serif.

I'm not feeling this one though, it's too whimsical, it doesn't say 'garden centre' at all to me. Especially with a tagline "get your hands dirty", doesn't go well with a script typeface. If you're going to use a wordmark as a logo (which this essentially is) then your typeface selection has to be SPOT on, and this one misses the mark. I think a geometrical sans serif would work well (ITC avant garde is what I have in mind, maybe futura although something with a double-story A might work too...maybe Avenir? whatever you use, stay away from helvetica, it's way over-used. Although I heard the movie is good, hehe). Maybe with "daphnie's" in all uppercase letters and on an arch, which would be above an abstract/stylized sunset, with the words "garden centre" underneath in all lowercase letters. and personally, I would lose the tagline altogether.

at first, I thought the trowel was a candle (not a big deal at all), but then I read the name and realized it wasn't. I think using a trowel is a bit literal, I'd go with something a bit more abstract. I do like how it's pointing up and to the right though, to show growth. However, this logo on a whole doesn't cut it for me.

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Thanks for the constructive criticism, I appreciate it.

The trowel is actually a mix of a shovel and a leaf. I was thinking about having a little vine coming off from one of the end points, just a little swirly thing but thought that might be too much.

Thanks again! Will definitely work on the fonts.

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Don't use this complicated font for everything. Use it for one line, but a simpler one for the other.

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I used the second font to make it look "dirty". Less is more, you're right.

Will adjust, thanks everyone for your help!

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I have to agree that the garden-leaf-trowel forced connection is juicy -- good job. I'd personally like to see some line variance to give it some punch (but it could just be me).

And yes, I think using two script typefaces for both the tagline and company name is a bit much.

Can't wait to see the update!

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