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Insert images in GMail

gmail attach images

GMail Labs now offers embedding images into emails. Once you switch it on you will get a small picture icon in your toolbar. The interface is very similar to what you're used to in google sites. You can upload the files which appear as small thumbnails. Once you select the required image you have the option to resize them within your email message to thumbnail, medium, large and original dimensions.

Question is why would one use this option? I personally hate embedded images in emails. Do you like them?

PS. Now that GMail has the feature to embed images, image support in signatures can't be far away. Now, that is something I would use for branding.

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I agree that when images can be placed in signatures it will become much more useful to marketing professionals.


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Good for now, worst for future! Why I'm saying so? we all know that.
1st everyone will use it for some good or nice thing, like Biz-Card, E-card, Flayer etc. after sometime(not more than a month) it will be used for irritating others in so many ways. Wait to see Vi*gRa kinada e-leaflets through out the day.

I'm looking for the 'Discard Image-mail' button right now.

- -

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I often want to use images in my email. It usually has to do with a series of screen grabs, snipped down to the relevant portion. I often need to do remote tech support for friends, family, or coworkers. A description is very much enhanced by small images.

I've gotten around the problem in the past by writing those particular email messages in firefox, which I've got configured to access my gmail account via imap.

I agree that putting images in email just for the sake of doing it clutters up the email, but being able to do something doesn't mean that you must do it.

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That's a good use. Thanks!

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Must I say it?
How Long are you deluded people going to keep this stuff up?
Google is not even a real company!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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every e-mail i make looks like a magzine page.
i use photos ilustrations and graphics.
my friends call them "newsletter".
and they use to send my e-mails to others. and others.
get use to.

beto brandao - brazil

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