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New Google Bar is coming

The old dark grey Google bar is out and it will be soon replaced by a new thicker bar that is unified across all Google products.

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1000% improvement. I found that dark grey bar too far from Google branding, random and bulky. This new change seems far more "Google" to me. Simple, clean, elegant (even though I hate that word to describe design).

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I just download it for FF and it kinda sucks still. When is this being launched?

God, this will do wonders for anyone that is required to work in Analytics, AdWords and Maps alone!


Brian Weck

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all google interfaces SUCK. gmail sucks. google wave sucked. +1 sucks. as designers we should boycott anything google until they can team up with or hire a competent UI designer

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Looks a lot like the Metro-checkerboard bar we are working on!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Man I wish Google would stop changing things for the heck of it. Things work fine but then google decides that they need to "Update" and then every other big site follows suite.

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not so much useful to me. I like it like it was before. Not used to this!

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