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Google+ Readies for Third-Party App Integration

Or at least that would seem to be the message being sent out by its just-launched redesign. Facebook visits in the US have fallen in the last year, so with the increased engagement that app integration brings, Google+ might still find traction. But is it enough to make us love it? For most of us, not quite yet.

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G+ is just too complicated for the average user, and for the sophisticated user, the tie-ins with all of Google's products is just too much in the way of privacy and nuisance.

Too bad, because it's a great looking product with potential. I just think it's too much work deciding what I see, who I share with, and building circles...

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Completely agree - though I think most of the complexity is in working out what G+ actually is. People get Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, but G+ has no clear purpose or selling point (apart from G+ my world).

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Google+'s prevailing thought for me: okay and? It may be completely because I'm so over social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. I just find it a creepy invasion of privacy- I only use it for business now.

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According to me G+ is much backward than the other social networking communities. Still it needs to be developed more. But today when i checked, It was strange but good. I think it needs some more updates.

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