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The logo I am using for the freelance work I am doing, and I have just started doing small projects but I have never got any feedback on this logo. The idea behind it was simple but still trying to give across some creativity. I know this is hard to do for professionals let alone someone with no formal graphic design background. Comments (and inevitably criticism) are welcome - that's why I'm here...

Also, would it be better to upload a photo with a white background? Colours look a bit, well faded...

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The fonts clash and there's no kerning done. The colours remind me of a ghilie suit used by someone trying to hide. Unsure what the thing in the bottom right is.

What type of freelance work are you doing? Are you hoping to do?

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i dont think that the type so much "clashes" but the combination (like your other post) SCREAMS 1980s! i can go to my college portfolio right now (i graduated in 1991) and pick out probably a half dozen or so pieces with a nearly identical type combo.

where zm is dead on right is that the whole piece needs kerning attention.
since youre completely untrained, you may not even be aware of the process let alone how to do it. (if youre in illustrator, put your cursor between the letters you want to kern. then holding the option key down use your left / right arrow keys to move things forward and back)

here is a really fun online kerning game / lesson:

and yeah. a white background would make the posts easier to critique in context

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Ok so here is the logo on a white background, as on my other post kerning I will look into. The fonts clashing - is this based on one being soft edged and the other harder and not as 'neat'? The bottom corner was meant to look a bit like a colour palette and also matches the exact edge of a rectangular outline so the whole logo was rectangular.

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The updated main photo doesn't come out very well, so the linked one is better.

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You probably want colors that contrast at least a little more...those greens are rather close in hue (actual color) and value (lightness/darkness).

It's definitely not required, but it does seem like most designers use "cleaner" sans-serif* typefaces in their logos. Usually no rounded corners or script/handwritten fonts. I'm sure there are some, but I don't see very many designer logos with serif* fonts either.

*If you don't know what "serif" and "sans-serif" refer to, you'll want to look it up online. Very important term to know. ;-)

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I was referring to the styles of typefaces used. You have a sort of punk-graffiti based face going with something that is better suited for a gentle message that may relate to children. Two conflicting styles that aren't blending together.

On the topic of fonts also a lot of designers try to stay away from display-type fonts (see below) and if they do opt for something more creative they'll typically try their hand at custom typography. Is there something about that font that isn't quite right for you? Something you want to make yours about what you're trying to communicate yourself as?

*Display typefaces are one of those things many designers feel there is a time and place for. ie. a logo made of candy canes will only have one sort of application. They're not usually designed by people who take a lot of time and pride in their typography skills so there is typically a "better option". Most you can find on the internet (not all, exceptions to every rule) are quick fixes and impersonal faces that you've seen a hundred times and has unfortunately been played out and overused in inappropriate situations. These are typically also fonts that don't cover a broad spectrum of characters for other languages other than which they were natively designed in because they were made for a single purpose and then distributed to the public. Logos are personal entities that need to be used in a variety of ways while trying to communicate a specific experience to all who see it. The more unified and intricately crafted a logo is, the more confidence it will inspire.

Not trying to be hard on you so much as let you know I'm a concerned typography nut.

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i liked this much better when it was on the transparent / gray background. that color pallete gave a misleading degree of sophistication to the end product...

this is why it's a generally accepted practice to work first in black and white.

get the design done first - THEN work with color.

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" that color pallete gave a misleading degree of sophistication to the end product" - what do you mean by this?

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color can change your perception of the core design. that grey and two tone olive was a much more sophisticated (or at least less jarring) color palette than the on-white presentation.

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Feel like we're being punk'd.

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