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Help needed with business name!

I love the honesty of the fellow site dwellers and am pleading for some help....
I am in the process of a start up business in Interior & Event Styling.
But I can't name the damn company... And yes I know I should be all creative etc but give me a paint pot and some fabric and I will transform your home or event. But this has me stumped.
Please help as nothing I have come up with is really happening..
Ok so here are my ideas ( and criticism) so far...
1The Style Studio... I like it, let me know what you think??
2 Centurion Designs .. Based loosely around my surname being Sargent.. But old fashioned and cuts off half my spectrum.
3 the Design Doll... Too young and cute and looks like I design dolls

So there you have it, hit me where it hurts and please if you are fabulous, suggestions to ease the blow!!!

If it helps, I freelance on Interior projects both commercial and private homes, and help style events like weddings and corporate events, to birthday parties and even Bbqs!

Thanks in advance...
Mummy Sarge.. :)

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hate to be a jackass, but what youre asking for here isnt advice or critique. its free work.

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Your name is ill-suited for the name of your company because...? All of the names listed give way to unrelated assumptions. 1: Generic and vague (May as well be a hair salon); 2: Engineering firm/ something "tough"; 3: Dolls?

Look through your 5 year plan and your companies SWOT plan. Who is your target audience? What type of work do you want to do? What type of work will help your business grow? None of these names seem reflective of any specific goals or tell us what your business will be doing or want to be doing.

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Wayne, not sure you do my love, but seriously, thanks for your erm....

Youngzm, a true gent my friend, thank you for your help and your time is grately received. I apologise if you felt it was free work....

Thanks for the comments will re asses :)

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Why not use your own name - after all, it is your expertise and style that you are selling?

You could add 'style' or 'studio' to it to make it more clear to your audience what it is that you do.

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Our wgzn is correct. This really does fall into the category of asking us for free work, unless we leave it at merely reacting to your suggestions. For my part, I would reject all of them and ask you to consider NOT using "studio" because that conveys the impression that you work apart from the client's space. While that may often be true, you want to convey your ability to transform *their* space.

Since you spell your surname "Sargent" and not "Sergeant," any military analogy is meaningless, so forget "Centurion" for that reason, if no other. "Design Doll" is a little 1960s, don't you think? Sets my teeth on edge. Please do your working sisters a favor and drop that right now. "Style Studio" sounds like you do clothing. Or hair.

What is the essence of the service you provide -- from the client's point of view, not yours? You interpret their talents, style and value in their marketplace, right? And also in their own space, so that visitors get the client's message visually before so much as one word is exchanged. You make solid on the ground what is presently only floating around in your client's head, ricocheting off flippers of ego and fear. Name THAT.


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You're renouncing the most exciting process of your business.
It's like you make a baby and ask anyone at street to give him a name.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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