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Adobe Illustrator Hits 25

Hard to believe that Adobe Illustrator first saw the light of day 25 years ago. If you're feeling nostalgic you can watch Adobe co-founder John Warnock demonstrate Illustrator 1.1 above or Illustrator 88 (the second version) below. And jumping forward, the final clip is a sneak peak of Illustrator CS6, showing some of its new pattern creation functionality.

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rad. i used illustrator 88 way back in 89 (ive always been about a year behind the curve with software versions)

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We had Illustrator 1 in college - we were lucky enough to have an instructor who saw the potential of the Mac way back when. Illustrator was so different than the other programs we were using (MacPaint, MacDraw, Pagemaker) that we had no idea what to do with it... until we saw that top video in class one day. When Warnock created the flower with the repeat tool - the entire class had an "a-ha" moment. Okay - NOW I know what to do with it. In hindsight, it's easy to see Illustrator was the program that made me a designer - that was the fuel on the spark that ignited my interest in the field more than anything. As far as I'm concerned, Illustrator 3 was the closest any software company ever came to creating the perfect application.

As always though... that's jmho. :)

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"Illustrator 3 was the closest any software company ever came to creating the perfect application."

i totally agree. lean and mean. not a lot of clutter.

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Hmm... I remember making my first chess board with Illustrator in the academy for electronic publishing in the late 90s. cmd/ D still was called Apple/d, hard drives where measured in MB and movable storage in 1,33MB.

Great video, thanks! : )

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I'm old enough to remember Macdraw! We used Illustrator on a Mac II CI - now outpowered by a calculator. Although I have to say Freehand was better....

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