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Adobe Illustrator Workflow: The Ultimate Werewolf Project

Excerpted from Adapted from Illustrator CS5 Bible (Wiley Publishing)

By Ted Alspach

In what follows I walk you through a project that uses all sorts of Illustrator functions and explain how and why I used Illustrator’s capabilities throughout the process.

Everyone uses Illustrator a little differently, and even as I wrote this, I realized that I could have done a few things differently in order to be more efficient. Each project that you work on in Illustrator results in a different set of tools and processes, and even if you do very similar things again and again, you find your workflows evolving over time.

Project Background
The goal of this project is to create the box for a brand-new edition of a game I published more than a year ago: Ultimate Werewolf. This would be the second box I created at this size with this particular printer, so I already have experience in terms of the production parameters.

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