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Illustrator: objects on a path

Is there any way i can create an array of objects running on a path?
Or at least a duplicate of the same source object.
So that i can control their number, scaling, orientation to path and so on?

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Have you tried a text path and then pasting items into that path?

Maybe you could post a version of what you'd like to do so we can think of more ideas...


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ok, the closest thing i could find until now, was this
step1: draw a small circle, draw a big circle, do a blend of lets say 10 pieces between them.
step2: use Direct Selection Tool (a) and select the blend path (if not already selected)
step3: use the Smooth Tool and bend a bit the blend path.
step4: select the newly added points and drag as necessary.

so using this technique, you can control the number of objects in the array, the scaling and the shape.

after this you could expand the blend, ungroup the objects and eventually distribute them evenly horizontally so the distance between them is constant.

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step 1: draw a small circle

step 2: go to menu-Effect / Distort & Transform

step 3: a dialog box will open up, check Preview

step 4: I entered the following:
8 copies
Move- 50mm Horiz, 50mm Vert
Rotate- 315
click OK

step 5: menu- Object / Expand Apperence

step 6: copy and rotate to taste

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Which effect under Distort and Transform gives you a dialog box where you can enter copies?

- thanks

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