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Completely copy pages from one document to another

Sometimes you want to copy a page you've created in Adobe InDesign to another document. Most people would do a select all, copy, switch to the other document and past in place. This is fine, except that it's a lot of back & forth work.

Next time, try dragging the page icon from the first document's Pages palette to the new document's window - The entire page will be copied in place (except for Master Page items)

Note: It has come to my attention that the original tip wasn't working for everyone. Rather than try to troubleshoot, I have adjusted the original text of the tip. My apology to anyone who spent a lot of time attempting to get the tip to work.

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Basically a nice idea and a technique I used to know back in QuarkXPress. But, how do you really do it in InDesign? Somehow, the page palette will only show the pages of the frontmost, active document. If you click to another open document, the page palette changes to the other document's content. Somehow I do not seem to get two separated page palettes open for the two documents that I have opened in InDesign (using CS and ID2). While dragging, there is also no chance to bring the second document to the front so that the palette changes... I am a bit confused.

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I have only a little bit of experience with InDesign. What is the difference between a master and a normal page

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Michael, think of the master page as a template. You create the basic design elements of your page on your master and than just use that for each of your regular pages that will actually contain content.

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A couple of comments which I hope are helpful. First of all, you don't drag the pages into the other document's Pages palette -- as "Anonymous" points out on 2005-04-09, this is impossible because InDesign will not show two active Pages palette at the same time. Instead, you just drag them into any place on the artboard of the other document. The dialog box responds: "Insert pages [after, before] page [number]." Second, in the new tab-based interfaces that Windows (and I think Macintosh, now) uses, you have to switch your layout so that the documents are open in separate windows. In Windows, you do this by right-clicking in the tab and selecting "Move to new window." Now, this tip works perfectly. And thank you to JimD for posting this tip - you taught me how to do this in the first place! It's one of those things that I can never remember how to do.

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