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InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator..

Hi guys!

Maybe somebody some time ago asked this question, but... what is the difference in these three programs. What I mean, for what YOU use it? I have seen opinions, like Ivan's I think, that whatever he does he uses InDesign anyway.

So my question is, what is advantage of indesign to photoshop, and illustrator. From what I know, Photoshop is used generally for all kind of graphics, Illustrator could be great for vector graphics, so for example logo design. But what is the purpose of InDesign?

Personally, the Photoshop in my opinion is the most power full, and the most fun software. The only thing what I really miss there is 'Text' tool following the path. Most of Illustrator options you can find in Photoshop, however work with vectors is much more nicer in Illustrator :)

Anyway, your opinions and suggestions please ;)


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Photoshop is the program for pixels. So editing photo's and so on you do in Photoshop.

Illustrator is for creation of vector based files. So you use it for ccreation of logo's, and all things that you can fit on one page (ads,...)

InDesign is for documents that span more than one page, books, magazines, newsletters...

Don't use Photoshop for vectors and text, because all your vectors will be pixelated and you won't have crisp outlines of characters and illustrations when you go to printers.


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Thanks a lot for explanation, it helped a lot :)

...but why for example not use InDesign for one page design? :) I think it allows to make more page "things".


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Of course you can use it for a one page layout. But illustrator has a lot more effects and things to play with.

So it is just a choice you make.

But the power of InDesign is really ment for more pages than one.

The use of a specific program has all to do with the result you want to achieve. Sometimes you are better of with Photoshop, sometimes your logo has to be scaled at different sizes and you want it to be a vector (Illustrator), because your logo will always be crisp (when made in Photoshop and you enlarge it you will loose quality...

So the final project determines what you want to use as a program.


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I think my topic on the main page developed some deeper thoughts about that :)

Thanks anyway for everything.


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