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The Future of the Book

Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice — the faces of tomorrow’s book. Watch global design and innovation consultancy IDEO’s vision for the future of the book. What new experiences might be created by linking diverse discussions, what additional value could be created by connected readers to one another, and what innovative ways we might use to tell our favorite stories and build community around books?

Nelson gives you context by gathering reviews and discussions around a particular part of the material you're reading. This has been explored by the iGlue project, but it's built for the web, not books.

Coupland is a recommendation engine that focuses on companies and organisations helping you choose to decide what to read. Shelfari does this already quite well, but it's not built into eBooks yet.

Alice gives you interactivity and non-linear storytelling capabilities. Number of iPad apps mainly children stories explored such interactivity in eBooks. Example: Lazy Larry Lizard where the main character responds to poking and stroking.

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Thank you for sharing this movie.

Choisissez le coffret cadeau que vous souhaitez avec les coffret anniversaire

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Great post, Ivan.

The Alice facet seems most interesting to me in terms of the fundamental shortcomings of the media. While one is actively engaged in the world created in a novel, it's still a passive experience (this also stands as one of the shortcomings of seeing a film - almost entirely passive).

Adding a degree of interactivity is a solid advantage to the experience, but in doing so the publisher (if that entity continues to exist in the future) changes the amount of time and cost required to produce a novel. I'm curious to see where this lands pricing of content in the future, as this slowly evolves.

Finally, I love the idea that novels choose not to constrain themselves to the physical boundaries imposed by a 'page.' That paradigm has little meaning in the unreal estate of the Web. Unfortunate that digital comic books seem to continue to allow themselves to be limited by the physical 'page.'

It's a cool time to be alive right now, isn't it?

Craig Michael Patrick

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Yes, indeed. Science and technology is really accelerating.

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One final bit on this:

There are some fantastic comments on Vimeo's site concerning this content. Specifically, comments by:

  • Micah Barrett;
  • Ken Nickerson.

Highly recommended.

Craig Michael Patrick

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I feel like a love-struck teenager, I want this soooo much. It's beautiful.

living on dreams and custard creams.

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Microsoft already has all of this in our labs!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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