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What It's Like to Work at Apple

I (Joe Moreno) started working at Apple during the dot-com boom in 1998, and I left the company in 2007. As much as I loved working at Apple, by 2007 I determined that I now had the financial freedom and opportunity to leave the company and begin working on my own projects.

That was because Apple had been very good to me via the stock market. In the time I worked there, the stock price had gone from less than $10 per share (adjusted for splits) in 1998, to $100-plus per share when I left in 2007 – and it now hovers around $300 per share. And since I still own shares that I bought for less than $10 per share, my investments in Apple have paid off handsomely.

Read the article on AOL.

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Seems like a nice company to work for :)

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Very nice investment.. I sold my APPL shares at $18, but wasn't as happy :)

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Love my Apple stock - it's paid off unbelievably well. Got in around $45 and it split the next month. Wish I had bought 10x the initial amount and 10x the amount I bought after the split. But even in the last 2 years it's gone nuts - at the crash it was around $100 and I bought a huge chunk that's now worth $300 or so. It's almost like printing money - too bad most of mine is in my retirement account so I can't spend it yet. :-)

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Sounds nice, but can you imagine what it's like to work at Miocrosoft?
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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