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Great interactive iPad books

The iPad and other tablets opened the opportunity for publishers to create brand new book reading experiences. A handful of them took advantage of what the touch interface, gyroscope, GPS, internet connectivity and other technologies offer. Stories can now be told in a more engaging and original way on the iPad.

Two of the most notable examples are Al Gore's book Our Choice that is written for adults and Richard Dawkins' new app that is made mainly for children The Magic of Reality.

Our Choice

This book has a lot of content. Each chapter is richly illustrated, the images can be opened to full screen and you click the small world icon to show the location of the photo in relation to your current location. There are lot of detailed illustrations that explain technologies and climate processes all done in a consistent and clean style.

The Magic of Reality

Dawkins' new book takes the reading experience even further. Besides the multimedia it also features mini games that help explain to kids certain ideas in action. For example there is a game where you can learn about evolutionary selection processes by breeding frogs over 5 generations so they can survive snakes in the wild.

What is your favourite interactive book on your tablet? Tell us in the comments!

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very cool, the paper books are half-dead. I really dream to make my books readable at my gadgets.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I don't think paper books will be dead in near future. I sometimes would like to hold real paper book rather than electronical device for reading.

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I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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They have collected the best non-fiction offerings right here for as.

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