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iPod campaign India

I like this campaign done by Redifussion DY&R, India for its simplicity and clarity on selling the main benefit of the iPod: You can take your music with you. It is not as stylish as the international campaign running from Apple, but I guess for an emerging market where you need to sell rationally first before going for the emotions it will work well.

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What kind of iPod is that? It has the screen of a mini, the general body design of a nano and the headphone jack placement of a white iPod 1G-4G.

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It's obviously not an official Apple ad because it's not using Myriad... looks like Century Gothic (or the like)

Patrick Yan

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i love this, it's different, that's what's nice about it... it's clever and clear as can be. i particularly like the plane one. nice post, thanks ivan!

Architectural Technician - Multimedia Designer

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Nice, I like that!

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... Sony Ericsson W campaign already done it!

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Yup, the illustrating with headphones / cords / wires concept has been done quite a few times in the past, but this is a nice addition to that concept family I suppose, but I'd expect something a little more original from Apple (is this a legit campaign?).

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... is that the Sony Ericsson W campaign is still "on air". And i agree about the font.

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