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ITV (UK) Rebrand

A popular terrestrial TV channel / network here in the UK with a blunder of a rebrand. I'm not sure how this got the all clear for public consumption, but it did and it really does suck. I'm sure you'll agree. It reminds me of the rebrand of the 'Abbey' high street bank - which they actually u-turned on. I'll post examples if i can find them...

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I truly want to like it because it has a lot of fun playful movement to it, but it's just too damn hard to read. I didn't grow up on the channel/ network so I see it as "iutuv", confusing.

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the old one sucks too (for different reasons).
but all i can see in the new one is a "w"

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Branding article on it, I don't get why the Brand New site likes it, usually they're popular for public lynchings of shitty logos. 80 concepts? That explains a LOT. I did more on my college projects to get a solution I liked and work through ideas like these.

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I think it looks awful, it is completely out of context with the rest of their website for instance and also ITV Player with the word Player having a completely different font!! I am baffled by the choice of logo.

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Really? That's an elaborate comment for a spammer... just saying.. you look like a spammer.

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my unconscious read something between "itv and wtv"

the colour is crazy

“It's neither good nor bad, it just is.”

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I'm with qwerty and wgzn... the old one was better and the standard logo colors remind me of messy diapers. Also... a talk bubble? Seriously? How many tv-related logos already use that? I can't believe people get these awesome creative opportunities and don't even attempt to venture outside the box.

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I like all the shows there. A totally redefine tv channel.

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logo colors is amazing. but a bit little hard to read.

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