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Up for bashing... letterhead for a construction company, very high end custom homes. If anyone can find a solution for new place for web address, that would be welcome. I am hitting a wall with this one.


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CM3 is definitely the best of the group. It seems less cluttered and it's easier on the eyes. The only thing that irks me is the spacing between the graphic element to the left margin compared to the text and right margin. There is a larger gap between the image and the left margin (or a smaller one between the text and the right if you look at it that way) It wouldn't bother me so much if they were even.

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I agree with Fuelrock, it the best one.

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I'm not much of a designer, but here are my observations on the 1st & 3rd designs:

Design1: Looks clean and simple, but the top gray bar is a bit distracting.
Design3: Looks cleaner without the top bar, but I tend to associate the bottom bar with the identity.. If they are associated, then it's the one I would select.

Good work..

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I prefer the one with the address at the bottom. And I don't find that top bar distracting. It's a nice way to pull the Web address out.

My only critiquie is to put equal amout of distance between the horizontal elements. I want the co. name to be the same distance from the rule/gray box edge as the address is... does that make sense? I like the placement of the name so I would move the address info up.


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Not a critique of your work, but they sure could use a good logo, that one is kinda crap (especially if they design expensive high-end homes).

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That's interesting. I thought the logo was just fine.

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what about running the address, phone, web, license up the left side of the page?

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I have to agree with apfhex on the logo. While I have nothing to say about the logo design in structure, the color choices are absolutely bad. Simple test: fax it! This logo will come through the fax machine as one big black oval. In that kind of business letters, quotes and all other sorts of things are faxed more often than in a lot of other fields. I believe a logo that cannot be read as it's being faxed becomes more or less useless. It defeats the purpose of instant recognition.

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Everyone: Thanks!

Fuelrock - the only reason I did that was that they wanted the letterhead to justify with margins on docs, and that usually is 1.25 left and 1" right.

JLathrop - I agreed with that, oversight on my part moving so many elements around. It's spaced evenly now.

Apfhex - The logo is existing and one that is smacked on around 50 trucks, so changing it is a major cost, not to mention having to re-establish brand recognition. So what we did is use th old logo and try to put it in a modern context to bring it up to date.

el_reverend - I don't really agree much with the fax issue. I agree it has to have contrast for readability, but the red and black provide it. fax is getting less and less common, quality is high on them. WIth the name on their as well I don't think this is a problem.

Thanks all for the feedback, it helped alot!


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Putting the URL at the top implies that it is a more important piece of information than the rest.

I'm not saying this is wrong or right, but I suggest you make sure the client agrees that the URL is the most important.

Since so much info has to go on business cards and letterhead these days (multiple phone numbers, addresses, etc.), I always ask clients what they think the most important means is for clients to reach them.

Also, I always show letterhead mock-ups with the text of a dummy letter already on them. This will help give the client an idea of how much space they will have to actually type or write on the letterhead.

Interesting that you put the logo at the bottom for all of them. I have yet to have a client accept a letterhead design that did not have their logo at the top, or mid-way down the left margin at the lowest.

Good luck with the project.

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