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My Book Studio Edition II

The new My Book Studio Edition II with its 6TB of storage space formatted to work with Macs by default is designed for the serious creative professional.

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Apple offers developer books free in iBooks



Want to learn OS X and iOS programming? Apple offers 5 developer books for free on iBooks. Search for Apple Developer Publications.

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite 1

At its MAX 2010 worldwide conference in LA this week, Adobe will unveil its Digital Publishing Suite, a set of turnkey hosted services that will allow publishers to more easily create robust, interactive digital publications. The Digital Publishing Suite has already been used to create the iPad edition of Wired and The New Yorker.

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WebP new image format is here to speed up the web

Google is introducing a new compressed image format called WebP (pronounced "weppy"). It's like JPG, PNG and GIF but better. Apparently the resulting images with WebP are 40% smaller than a jpg file at the same quality.

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Getty Images introduces restored archive photos

Yesterday, Getty Images announced the launch of Archive Photos from their Hulton Archive. I thought it would be interesting to see how difficult it is to restore these old images.


After. Marilyn Monroe: Photo by Baron/Getty Images


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