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77 ways to come up with an idea


Most of us come up with ideas for designs, logos or advertising concepts in the most unexpected places. In the shower or during jogging.

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Design not for the faint of heart

During a project for the American Institute Of Graphic Artists the creative team, John Neerland and Nina Orezzoli, discovered that many graphic design terms have an inherent dark side to them. They then quickly decided that this could become a fun ad, poster and interactive tool online to test the knowledge of students and young designers across the world. Oh yeah, you can buy some cool t-shirts, too.

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iStockPhoto CopySpace

This is a tip for those who use the stock photo service iStockPhoto.

Let's say you want an image with clouds to fill up the whole page of your design and you want to run copy in the very middle of the page horizontally.

Normally you would have to go through hundreds of search results to find the images that fit your idea. But with iStockPhoto you have to option of filtering your search results with CopySpace.

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Magic hat light effect in Photoshop

Here is a great tutorial for all the Harry Potter fans out there from abduzeedo.

First of all here is the end result of this tutorial:

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Top 15 Terminal Commands for Hidden Mac OS X Settings

I know most of these have already been posted earlier in some form, but here is a great collection of Terminal based GUI customization tips from Mac OS X tips. And, remember you need to log out and back in for most of these to take effect.

1. defaults write showhidden -bool YES
Makes hidden applications' dock icons translucent. NO to reverse.

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Optimize your site for google image search

google image search

Google images can bring as much traffic to your site as google search itself. You just need to take a few important steps to make sure Google has an easy task at indexing them.

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Mighty mouse gutting and cleaning

If you have been using your favorite Apple mighty mouse for at least 2-3 months you must have experienced the cursor getting stuck when rolling the nipple. It drove me crazy, so I decided to take the mouse apart and clean it.

First I removed the outer grey rim. It seemed to me it was glued to the outer shell. This is the only glued part. Then, I removed the inside grey rim. Both pop off relatively easily if you use a plastic ruler to take them apart bit by bit.

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Remove unnecessary languages and more

Almost two years ago I wrote a post about how to free up space on your hard disk. Now, there is an application that can help you free up even more space.

I guess as hard drives grow above 100 MB, saving space is less and less relevant. But if you still want to strip off a couple of gigs from your machine you can try Monolingual as TUAW notes.

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The Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic

Photoshop CS2 Speed ClinicAfter reading my previous blog post about optimizing Photoshop performance,

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Optimize Photoshop performance

In the Adobe support section you can read an extensive tech doc about how to optimize the performance of your favourite image editing application.

Here is an executive version for your convenience:

  1. Set a huge scratch disk
  2. Fine tune File browser
  3. Check if you need 16bit images
  4. Adjust image cache
  5. Deselect export clipboard
  6. Minimize palette preview thumbnails


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