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Flash is Dead. Long Live Flash.

How is life treating you in the post-Flash era? Has your online experience become richer as a result? Are more things possible? Is the Web a more beautiful, inspiring, creative place to hang out? I ask myself these questions from time to time, usually when I stumble over one of the increasingly rare designers or developers who have created something worthy that's Flash based and doggedly maintain it. I had that experience recently when checking out the one2edit service, which makes it possible to review, edit and deliver InDesign documents online.

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Sync your Google Docs to local storage with Insync

If you enjoy the sharing capabilities of Google Docs, but want to have a local copy of all the files try the newly released free service Insync.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Compositing in Photoshop

Adapted from Photoshop Compositing Secrets (Peachpit Press)

By Matt Kloskowski

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OS X Lion window resize options

In OS X Lion you can press and hold the Option key to resize the window from all sides at once. And use the Shift key to resize while preserving the aspect ratio of the window.

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Rename a file with one click

In OS X Lion Finder you can rename a file with just one click by holding down the Option (Alt) key.

This trick only works in List and Columns views.

In my book this method beats the carefully timed double click that is otherwise required to rename a file.

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OSX Lion: Natural vs. Unnatural scroll direction

In Lion there are two options for scroll direction: Natural is where content tracks finger movement. Unnatural is where the direction is opposite to finger movement.

Traditionally most of us are used to the unnatural scrolling, but looking at the video the natural makes more sense.

What's your preference?

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Introduction to Mobile Web Design

Adapted from Introduction to Mobile Web Design (SitePoint)

By Earle Castledine, Myles Eftos and Max Wheeler

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Simplified Google results UI

Looks like Google are trying another UI iteration at the moment. While lazily searching for dribble rather than putting the full domain into the address bar I was sent to the page shown above. It looks to have a much cleaner monotone set of icons and a nicer treatment of the search results typographically.

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Prosite from Behance

If you're on Behance you may be interested to learn about Prosite. It's a payed service from Behance that allows you to easily create a portfolio site under your own domain. Prosite lets you pick projects from your Behance account or add completely new ones. Check out the intro film below.


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