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Set-up your iOS devices for MobileMe: Find my iPhone

find my iphone

With the new iOS 4.2 update the Find my iPhone feature is available for all iPhones, iPad touches and iPads. It is very simple and fast to set-up and it may be save your iOS device one day. Here is the one step instruction on how to do it.

find my iphone

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Fundamentals: Resampling in Photoshop

Excerpted from Real World Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers (Peachpit Press)

By Conrad Chavez

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Creating A Website the Easy Way

For many of us, the basics of website creation and [url=]hosting[/url] are second nature by now. Nowadays, sites like Posterous and Tumblr allow anyone to setup a basic blog. You can even edit and customize the theme and layout if need be. Those are all great platforms, but to get any sort of real customization and functionality, you need to host your own site. Thankfully, that's now far easier than even a decade ago. Let's start with the basics and work our way up.

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iOS keyboard spacebar special features

iPad space

There are three things that the spacebar can do besides typing a space on an iPad and iPhone.

First, if you tap the space bar with multiple fingers it will immediately type as many spaces as the number of fingers you used. This can be very useful for those who like to type two spaces after a comma. It's a little hard to do more than two on an iPhone.

Second, you can double tap the spacebar to type a period and a space, essentially ending a sentence. Saves you one click.

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How to speed up your old iPhone

If you have a 3G iPhone and you installed the latest iOS4 you may experience sluggish performance, which can be quite annoying. Unfortunately the hardware of these phones can't handle well the features iOS4 provides, but there are a couple of tricks you can do to regain the quick response time you're used to.

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Dynamic and Effective Web Design

How does great web design attract followers? The below information should help answer that question.

1. The color scheme of the website must match the preferences of the intended audience. In other words, if you know that the people you are trying to get to visit enjoy pastel colors, this is something that should be utilized. If they see it and like it, they will stick around. It does not matter what the webmaster's taste might be. It matters little that pastels are your least favorite colors. It could actually do more harm than good to stubbornly push for something that would not work; it may actually repel people, thus lessening the number of followers. This is not to say that you cannot put any of your personality into it, but there simply should not be too much of it.

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Undo closed tab in browsers

It is really annoying when you close an important tab by accident in your browser. But worry not, there are ways to get it back. The procedure is different for each browser so it's a bit hard to remember.

In Safari 5 you can simply undo to the closing operation. Just press Apple-Z (Command-Z).

In Chrome open a new tab and find the "Recently closed" section to see all closed links.

In Firefox you can press Apple-Shift-T (Command-Shift-T).

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Add social sharing buttons to your site

Social media is the largest source of traffic for most websites nowadays. It has taken over the leading position from search, which is an indication of where the web is heading.

Adding the social media sharing buttons is relatively easy and helps your visitors share content. The three main players in social media today are Facebook, Twitter and Buzz. It's advisable to add at least these three to your site. Plus there are several others depending on the subject of your site.

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Remove duplicates from iTunes

While moving files back and forth from your iTunes, iPod and other backup disks you may accidentally end up with duplicate copies of the same songs within your iTunes library. If you want to get rid of them, just select the menu File/Show Duplicates within iTunes. Sort the songs by title and check for the their length to make sure they are identical. If you want to show only the identical files press Option (Alt) to get the Show Exact Duplicates menupoint.

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Use copy & paste in Calculator

In OS X there is no cursor in the and the calculator dashboard widget, therefore it is not possible to select the numbers appearing on their screens. Yet this doesn't mean you can't paste in a number from your clipboard or copy the results of your calculation to the clipboard.

Just use the Apple(Command)-C or Apple-V keyboard shortcuts as if the screen was selected. Not very intuitive but it works.


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