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Lesson 2: Basics settings on your Drupal site

In this lesson you will learn how to set the basics up on your new Drupal site.

All settings for your Drupal site can be set within the Administer menu that can be accessed from the menu in the left. When you click Administer you will get a large menu with many options. These menu points are broken down to 5 parts:

  1. Content Management - Manage your site's content.
  2. User Management - Manage your site's users, groups and access to site features.
  3. Reports - View reports from system logs and other status information.
  4. Site building - Control how your site looks and feels.
  5. Site configuration - Adjust basic site configuration options.
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Lesson 1: Installing Drupal on your computer

I'm starting a course with a lesson a week for non-programmers who wish to learn Drupal. Here is the first lesson.

Before we start with your first lesson, let me give you a very short background about running Drupal.

Drupal is a content management system designed to run on a web server which is accessible through the internet to anyone interested. To run your Drupal site you will need a hosting provider which can run your website for you. There are many to choose from. One of the biggest and cheapest ones that offer easy Drupal installation is Dreamhost.

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Fix corrupted iTunes files

In some rare cases your music or video downloads get corrupted while downloading. iTunes in these cases suggests you should go the iTunes Store and re-download the file, but the problem is your iTunes will try to continue downloading the file from the point where the problem occurred instead of re-downloading the complete file.

To force iTunes to re-download the file from the beginning you need to trash the partial file from the following directory:
youruser/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads

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Social Network Marketing Fundamentals

By Dan Zarrella
Excerpted from The Social Media Marketing Book (O'Reilly)

A social network is a website where people connect with friends, both those they know offline and those who are online-only buddies. Social networking sites are a hot topic for marketers, as they present a number of opportunities for interacting with customers, including via plug-in applications, groups, and fan pages.

Each social network presents its own possibilities and challenges. Users of individual sites have different expectations of commercial behavior. In what follows, I’ll introduce you to the three most popular networks and their unique features.

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Google Chrome for Mac is officially out

Finally Google Chrome for Mac is out, but be careful it's only for for OS X 10.5+, so if you're still running 10.4, you're out of luck.

After downloading you can import your FF or Safari bookmarks by clicking the wrench icon in the top right corner.

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Adobe releases Photoshop for iPhone, iPod Touch users Mobile for iPhone provides users a simple way to view photos with full-screen previews and edit images with gesture-based editing. You can transform your photos with basic editing tools like crop, rotate and flip; as well as adjust color with saturation and tint tools, enhance exposure and vibrancy and convert images to black and white.

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12 Mac OS X browsers

Safari and Firefox is the most known browsers for Mac, but there are many more out there. Give them a try and feel free to add more if I missed something?


Comes with OS X. Currently at version 4 it's one of the fastest browsers out there, which can tackle almost anything you throw at it. It syncs with your iPhone unlike other browsers.

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User your digicam as scanner and OCR


Prizmo is an application that allows you to extract the photos and text from your digital pictures. It's highly useful if you want to document an exhibition or make a quick copy of many pages from a book.

You can achieve the same results with a scanner, Photoshop and an OCR application if you have the skills, but Prizmo provides speed, simplicity and a better experience.

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Photoshop Fundamentals: Blend Images with a Displacement Map

Adapted from Photoshop CS4: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks (Wiley Publishing)
By Lynette Kent
Dateline: August 17, 2009
Version: Adobe Photoshop CS4

You can paste one image onto another and blend the pasted image into the Background layer by changing the blend mode. The layer blending modes control how the colors in the top image combine with the pixels in the underlying image. They do not affect the texture of either image. To make the top image blend into the texture of the base image and make the final image appear more realistic, you can use the Distort filter and a special file called a displacement map.


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