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On iPhone tap time to jump to top

Scrolling down when reading a page in iPhone's Safari is bearable but scrolling back is a pain.

There is an easy way to jump to the top of the page, so you can access site navigation or the url and search fields.

Just tap at the top of the screen where the time is displayed.

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Apple Remote puts your Mac to sleep

Isn't it annoying that you have to get out of bed to put your Mac to sleep after watching a long movie?

Well, if you have the remote at hand you can simply press and hold the play button to put your Mac to sleep.

Unfortunately you can't wake your Mac the same way.

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If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written You a Shorter Letter

This is an introductory post about Twitter, for newbies and beginners, but I hope seasoned Twitterers will also find some interesting points.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is the typical service which you think is useless until you start using it. Only then will you discover the true potential. It's hard to explain why Twitter is cool, but I'll try. In a few words it's condensed and instant communication, which is increasingly more valuable as we get closer to singularity.

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7 tips for a good portfolio

portfolioIf you're just out of school or have a few work years behind and need a new gig, the most important thing for you to do is to put a good book together. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you:

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What do with your unused domains?

Several of my friends own many domain names. These assets are usually sitting unused in their domain registrar accounts. If you also have such domains or planning to register a few for future use read on.

With relatively little time you can start making a bit of money from these domains. Get a Google Adsense account, make up a fake page with some relevant text full of valuable keywords and put up a large google ad. Make sure you provide a contact email on the page in case somebody wants to offer to buy the domain.

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What did he say? Find song lyrics for your iTunes music

iClip LyricsThere's nothing funnier than hearing someone singing a song and clearly getting the lyrics wrong. Friends don't let friends sing out-loud to begin with, but they kick you in the throat if you sing it wrong!

iClip Lyrics is a fantastic little application that won't prevent the loss of your friends, but will prevent them from kicking you in the throat.

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Hidden features of the iPhone button

iPhone button

Every iPhone user knows tapping the button once returns you to the Home screen.

But, did you know that double tapping gives you the the Phone favorites, so you can instantly call someone instead of having to navigate to this feature?

When your iPhone is locked, the double tapping feature changes to display a simple iPod navigation.

You can change these default settings in Settings / General / Home Button.

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Change your screenshot file format easily via System Preference Pane

I recently wrote about a nifty little application/contextual menu item for OSX that makes attaching files to a new email easy as pie. Ego-systems also offers a System Preference Pane which takes an often asked-for hack, changing the screenshot file format, and puts it right where it should have been to begin with.

Screenshot Preference Pane

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Create a new tab with previous site easily in Firefox & Safari

Browser Tip
If you're reading a Web page and want to go back to the last site you visited without leaving the current site you're on, there's a simple trick to allow you to do so.

Hold down the Command (Apple) key and click the Back button in Firefox or Safari. The site you're currently visiting remains open and the previous site you visited will open in a new tab.

Tip courtesy of The Graphic Mac.

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Get ImageWell FREE with purchase of Shutterbug

In honor of Father's Day, XtraLean Software is offering a special deal for Mac enthusiasts. Buy Shutterbug at the discounted rate of $29.95 (normally $39.95) and receive ImageWell (normally $19.95) absolutely FREE!

Just use the coupon code MACDAD08 when you make your purchase before June 15th through the XtraLean Father's Day store.


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