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Quickly change the background color

I'm talking about the area around your images in Photoshop.

Sometimes you may want to check your image against different colors, especially black. You can quickly toggle between grey, black and a custom color by simply CTRL-Clicking the grey area. Alternatively you can of course right click if you have a mouse with at least two buttons.

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What are bleeds and why do we need them?

In the link below is an informative detailed explanation of what bleeds are and why we need them in PDF format.

This is basic knowledge that every graphic designer should know before submitting their files for print.

Hope this is informative and let me know if it helped anyone!

Look out next week for "Basics of Colors and Profiles"


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New Dashalytics

If you're addicted to statistics like me you will love the new version of Dashalytics Max OS X Dashboard widget that is based on the new features of Google Analytics.

It gives an interactive overview of the most vital stats for your sites. The only thing missing is the hourly display of a days traffic, but I'm sure it's coming. Enjoy!

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Implement Stack in Tiger (Mac OSx)

implement stack in Tiger
I don't know whether someone has this idea before or not. But this is what I found. My desktop was such a mess before this. After seeing the Stack feature sported with Leopard, I was like gosh Leopard has addressed my problem but I don't have Leopard on my machine and I won't even after October. That's the problem.

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Toggle between Finder Toolbar Views

By clicking the oval button in the top right corner of a Finder window in OS X you can change between two main views. If you press and hold the Apple (Cmd) button when clicking you can toggle between 2 additional views and font sizes. Good way to clean up the interface a little and customize it to your liking.

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Change default application associated with an extension

I wanted to change the default application that opens certain types of files in OS X. For example I wanted to open images in Photoshop every time rather than Preview as most of the time I need to edit them, rather than just view them.

The guys at macminute cafe helped me out with an extremely simple solution I had no idea about.

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Remove Dashboard icon from Dock

I don't know about you, but I have a pretty crowded dock. So, I tend to get rid of any icons that are not necessary.

To launch Dashbaord I alway use the F12 button and never use the dock icon. Luckily it is extremely easy to get rid of the Dashboard icon from the Dock. Just CTRL-click it and chose the Remove from Dock menupoint. You can put it back at any time by simply dragging the Dashboard icon from the Applications folder to the Dock.

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Make your file jump to the top

When in Finder you're working with a long list of files organized alphabetically you can add a simple space in front of the first character of the file name to make it jump to the top. This can be a simple file organization method that doesn't affect spotlight's search results.

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Here is the issue. By default emails sent from Max OS X's show incoming image and pdf attachments inline. This means attachments show up within the email, rather than as small icons. Also, emails received in Outlook will show up in the same way. In general this is a good behavior as it saves a double click to open the files. But in certain cases it can get really annoying.

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Speed up your text navigation, selection and deletion with the Alt key

This is a basic tip that is extremely powerful if you work a lot with long text. All the basic text navigation functions work one character at a time, such as arrow left and right to move the cursor, with shift and arrow to select text and the backspace and delete buttons to delete text left and right to the cursor. If you press the Alt button you will change these behaviors from one character to one full word plus the space behind it. Here is the full list of functions:


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