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6 Essential Mac Tips

We've covered all but the last tip on creativebits before, but it's still a nice reminder.

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BitTorrent Sync can replace your cloud service

BitTorrent Sync is a brand new free product from BitTorrent that lets you sync an unlimited number of files and folders of any size across all of your trusted devices via peer-to-peer instead of a cloud service.

Download for iOS and OSX.

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Apple Store App gives you paid apps for free every week

Apple to promote their Apple Store app available as a free download now gives you one free paid app every week. The Apple Store app is a good to have anyway as it provides Apple product news, an easy way to browse and buy Apple products from your iPhone or iPad and also tells you which Apple Store is closest to you at any time.

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Panoramic backgrounds in iOS7

iOS7's is visually organazed into layers. The background moves slightly by default to give you the feeling that the icons are floating above it. But if you select any panoramic image as a background you can achieve an even more impressive effect. As you move your phone around the panorama slides behind the icons. Watch the video explaining how to switch it on.

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Deblurring Comes (Finally) to Photoshop

It was way back in 2011 that Adobe first demonstrated advanced unblurring abilities in Photoshop, thereby generating speculation that this functionality would be added to the upcoming CS6. Alas, that didn't happen and we haven't heard much of it since. In yet another teaser leading up to Adobe's MAX Creativity Conference, the firm has now released a clip, shown below, demonstrating a fully integrated version of this functionality. Will this be available in CS7? Or will it be first provided to Creative Cloud subscribers, as is increasingly the case. No word on that to date but details will no doubt be revealed during the conference, running May 4 through 8.

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Hundreds: Stylish iOS Puzzle Game

Hundreds is an iPad & iPhone puzzle game about the space between you and the serene. Available now on the iTunes App Store - find out more at

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Mailbox: Put email in its place

What is Mailbox?
Mailbox is the inbox reinvented for a world on the go.

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Sneak Preview of New Photoshop CS6 Functionality

You might want to have the sound turned down a notch before playing this brief video, which provides a tantalizing look at upcoming Photoshop CS6 functionality. It's expected that the features flying by in the clip will form an integral part of the Adobe Create Now Live event scheduled for December 11. The bad news for many Photoshop users is that the new features are expected to be available only for Creative Cloud subscribers.

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How to get advertisers to stop tracking your iPhone

By default your activities on your iOS 6 device are tracked by Apple and advertisers in order to provide you with targeted advertising. The data gathered is not associated with your real person, but you may still decide to disable it. Follow these 4 screens and you switched it off for good.

First open Settings. Then select General / About / Advertising (scroll all the way down) and finally Switch ON the Limit Ad Tracking option.


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