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Control the volume of the startup sound

Control the volume of the startup sound control panel

If you want to adjust or simply switch of the default Mac OS X start-up sound, download this free control panel.

If you want to further customize your start-up experience, check out this post about changing the background image of the log-in screen.

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Inspiring nature

Often we designers ask each other where one finds inspiration. You can get inspired for great new designs from a big variety of sources, but in this post I would like to focus on the subject of nature.

Nature is all around us and it defines us. Our sense of beauty and order is largely based on natural forms and colors. This is why the proportions and rhythms of naturally formed subjects feel just right for a human eye.

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CarpetVista's design competition

The competition provides you the opportunity to design carpets. The winning designs will be produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively on You and your art will be marketed on Europe’s largest trading place for textile art.

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Google Labs releases Similar Images Search

Google just released a service that several other companies were experimenting with in the last years. Similar Images Search helps you find images that are similar, but not necessarily exactly the same. This can be very useful for certain projects and now that Google is behind this technology we have a huge library of images to search from.

To use it simply search for keywords and then click the Similar images link below the thumbnail. You can learn more by watching this goofy video by google:

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Tweetmeme the new digg?

Tweetmeme (Tmm) is a service built around the highly popular Twitter micro-blogging service. Tmm counts the number a certain web page has been tweeted about. If a certain page gets a lot of tweets it hits the Tmm front page, which will generate even more traffic.

Currently the Tmm home page only gets a few thousand visitors, so it's not even comparable to the traffic that digg can generate.
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Use Scribbles for ideation

I think the best way to start any design project is to sketch on paper with a pen or pencil. It helps you come up with ideas and organize your thoughts.

At the same time I feel bad about wasting paper and not being able to save these sketches together with my project for future reference (without the extra step of scanning them in of course).

This is where Scribbles comes into the picture. Scribbles gives you the simplicity you get from a just paper and pencil, but offer things that paper can't deliver.

Scribble has a novel user interface. Forget Photoshop or even Painter. Scribbles gives you many features that makes it stand apart from anything you used before:

  1. Intuitive and 3D animated layer management
  2. Super easy picking of colors, brushes and brush sizes
  3. Infinite canvas — use as much as you like
  4. vector based — looks sharp at practically any size
  5. Extremely easy navigation, scaling, zooming etc.
  6. Tracing paper support — draw over stuff on your screen

Check out a few examples from the Scribbles gallery:

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Finally Microsoft is putting IE6 to death

Last Friday Eric Hebenstreit a lead programmer at Microsoft announced that starting from end of April MS will start offering IE8 as an update for users who are still on IE6 or IE7.

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Insert images in GMail

gmail attach images

GMail Labs now offers embedding images into emails. Once you switch it on you will get a small picture icon in your toolbar. The interface is very similar to what you're used to in google sites. You can upload the files which appear as small thumbnails. Once you select the required image you have the option to resize them within your email message to thumbnail, medium, large and original dimensions.

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Securing your online identity


In this day and age, where many of us spend a large part of our professional and social life online our online identity is becoming as important as our real life persona.

The most important part of this online presence, not unlike in real life, is your name. A secondary element is your avatar or profile image.


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