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Create animated charts in Keynote

animated chart

If you want to create cool 3D animated charts with growing bars and such you can do them simply with Keynote in a few simple steps.

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Skype of Mac now with Screen Sharing

Skype with the new 2.8 Beta version for Mac introduced an exciting new feature: Screen Sharing.

Screen Sharing allows you to transmit the images on your display to the person you're talking to over Skype. You can share your whole screen or just a portion of it. This is really very convenient if you want to discuss a brief with your colleagues or present a job to your client.

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Google Image Search just got more powerful

Notice the new option in Google Image Search. Besides the image size now you can also select the image type. You can choose from "news content", "Faces", "Clip art", "Line drawings" and "Photo content". This makes searching for reference images much more faster. It's not yet perfect, but pretty close. See the results for the search term apple below:

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The iPhone apps every designer needs

big idea

The iPhone and iTouch are great companions for a designer when on the go. Besides the basic communication apps there are at least 10 applications you must carry with you to make the most out of your Apple pocket device.

The links below will take you directly to the iTunes Music Store where you can download the apps instantly.

Let's take a journey through a working week enhanced by your new iPhone apps.

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How to protect your battery

bad apple

We all love portable devices because they provide flexibility. Ironically most of the time they are being used as desktop devices and are plugged in all the time.

This is potentially a problem because batteries wear off much more faster if they are not being used enough.

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Set your Illustrator tools to grey

grey interface

When you work with Illustrator documents your document's background is mostly white. The interface of the application, such as the panes and the toolbox are also white by default. This puts some strain on your eyes and brain when you're trying to identify each area. To relieve this extra effort you may want to experiment changing the background of the user interface to a shade of grey instead of white.

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Paste by remembering layers in Illustrator

paste remember layers option

If you work with files that have a common base and several custom layers for languages or other mutations, you should always remember to switch on the Paste Remember Layers option in Illustrator. You will find this option by clicking the little contextual menu icon in the top right corner of the layers pane.

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Delete large attachments from Gmail

GMail Trash iconIf you use Gmail regularly the 6+GB space Google offers may not be enough and you may be running out of space, which will make your account stop working. To avoid this problem you may want to free up some space with these tips.

If you're still struggling to make enough space, you can use this ultimate and simple solution:

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Screenshoot blurry in OS X?

Have you noticed that screenshoots you make with the key command Apple-Shift-3 or Apple-Shift-4 are somewhat blurry and not pixel perfect? That is because by default the screen-shoot format is a made as a jpeg set to resolution 60. That's pretty low and therefore it produces small file sizes which is good for most uses, but not if you want to see every pixel in detail.

terminal window

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Design stencils from Yahoo!

Check out these free stencils for your design work. Very useful if you are designing an application.


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