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Bad Ads

This morning, my son came in with this ad, torn from the local paper (really... it was torn, as he and his friends were actually fighting over it).

Go ahead and take a look... I'll wait.

After one look, I knew what I had to do. Scan it and post it to CB. :)

Here's my thoughts:

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Illustrator CS2 crashing on Pathfinder operation

If you are running an Intel Mac and suffer from Illustrator quitting whenever you apply the Pathfinder commands — there is a quick and dirty solution.

You need to have InDesign installed. You can simply copy the objects from Illustrator into an empty page in InDesign. Ungroup them and apply the required Pathfinder operation within InDesign. Menu point Object/ Pathfinder/. Now you can copy the transformed object back to Illustrator.

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Free text area selection

Area selectThere are certain occassions when you want to make a special non-linear selection in your text editor. You may for example want to select a column of all first characters in a long list. You can select each letter manually by pressing the Apple (Cmd) key, but this is tedious work.

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Close all but the active Finder window

WindowCleanerYou probably know that you can close all windows at once by holding the Alt (Option) key while clicking the red close window button in the top left corner. Or simply pressing Apple-Alt-W (Cmd-Option-W).

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Move, don't copy

When you drag a file from one volume to another by default the system performs a copy operation. You can tell if you're copying because a green button with a plus sign will appear next to the ghost image of the file icon. If you only intend to move the file and not copy, you can simply press and hold the Apple (Cmd) key while performing the drag operation.

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Combine Exposé with Application switcher

We all use and enjoy the application switcher key combo and Exposé individually. But, did you know that you can combine their features?

First press F9 to activate Exposé. Next, press Apple-Tab (Command-Tab) to cycle between applications. Every time you press Tab, one application's all windows will open up for you to choose from.

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Software convergence

Random graphic

I was interested by a question in the forums about the difference between PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have been thinking about this too more recently, especially Illustrator and PhotoShop. Adobe is pushing people more and more into buying the full Creative Suite and it is a much smarter way to work now that these products are so integrated.

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Take stock on space

Screenshot of my HD

Ever wondered where all of that space has gone on your hard disk? Need to save valuable Mb? Disk Inventory X to the rescue!


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