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What can't you run on an Intel Mac?

Yes, we will have Rosetta and it's going to make Intel Macs backward compatible, so you don't have to purchase a new version of your softwares, but not absolutely everything will run on an Intel Mac. Here is the list of application types that Rosetta can't translate:

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InDesign nested styles

InDesign's nested style feature is very powerful, but not too many people I've spoke with have really put it to use. It can save you hours of wasted time formatting. For example, consider a glossary style entry:

word (n.) definition goes here

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Keyfob: Anatomy of an Icon

Following on from a previous article on [url=]toolbar icon design[/url] we're going to tackle it's Big Brother, the Application Icon. The two serve slightly different functions within the program but adhere to the same idea. While we could start on an existing application, we’re going to embrace vaporware and produce an Icon for an Application that doesn’t exist. This is simply to show the process. This tutorial will follow the construction of an Icon for an imaginary application called “Keyfob”. We’ll say that it’s an application for locking and unlocking the Mac remotely. This is partly inspired by a process where someone managed to put their Mac to sleep using a mobile phone.

[b][color=#FF9900]Where do we start?[/color][/b]
A biro pen, a sketchpad and a cup of tea usually works well for me.
However above all these, the most important tool for developing Icons is...?

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Date and time in the menubar

date in menubarI frequently refer to the date and time in the menubar. I was looking for the option to put the date next to time, so that I can avoid clicking the date to bring up the drop-down menu which shows the date. There is no easy straightforward way, but I found a small trick that enables me to customize the field fully without much interference to the system. See the example of my menubar above.

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Diamond plated brushed metal

diamond plate

Brad reminded me about an enchancement on the brushed aluminium technique we discussed earlier. He added diamond plates on the brushed metal base for a more masculine and rough look.

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Seasonal Photoshop brushes

snowflake brushesJennifer from the Photoshop blog recommends a great set of brushes for the upcoming Christmas jobs you will surely be getting.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics screenshot

Wether you are running a serious e-commerce site for living or you're a junkie for your blog you will find the new free service from Google a delight to use.

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Gradient Tool - Mode Difference

Gradient tool in Photoshop

With no doubt Gradient tool is very powerful. If you have a lot of free time to play inside Photoshop and to figure it out how this tool works in Difference mode then I am hoping this tutorial will help you create some of interesting effects that could be applied on your projects.

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Google AdSense referrals

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Tip 3 of the InDesign workout

Having rulers follow your text is a paragraph option in InDesign and can be found in the Paragraph options.

Put your cursor in a paragraph, select the paragraph option in your option bar and on the righthand side click on the black triangle, there you'll find 'Paragraph Rules'.

You have two options: Rule Above and Rule Below. To activate click in the check box, you can use either or both.


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