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See all layers at once

This is a very stupid feature but still neat. Use get info on a .psd file in OSX Tiger and look at the More info box. It will list every single Layer and layer name ! XD

Like I said useless but neat, also it shows me how bad my spelling is :P

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Quick switch visibility and linking

Layer palette options panelIf you have to switch visibility or linking in PhotoShop you would click the eye or the chain icon left to the layer. But what if you have to do this to 30 different items? Are you gonna click them one by one? You guessed right - no.

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Layer extent at a glance

Let's say your object is larger than your canvas and some of its parts are not visible.

Selection extent

If you want to quickly have an understanding of how big the object is you can press Apple(Cmd)-T to access the Free Transform tool, which shows you the boundaries of your object even outside of the canvas area. Then just hit ESC to abort the operation. This is much quicker than moving the object back and forth.

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Polar coordinates

One of the generally neglected functions in PhotoShop is the Distort filter called Polar Coordinates... You can use this filter to create a cylinder anamorphosis - art popular in the 18th century - in which the distorted image appears normal when viewed in a mirrored cylinder. Check out this video for a self portrait made with this technique of a Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz.


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