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Facebook Places on the iPhone

Facebook Places is now live. It does three things essentially. Allows you to share where you're, find your friends and discover new places.

It comes with all the privacy settings. Either you can opt out of it altogether, so friends can't tag you or you will be notified every time you're tagged, so you can remove individual tags manually. Businesses can claim their shops on the map.

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iGlue Launches Semantic Web search in your browser

With Google recently hitting the headlines with the purchase of semantic database tool, semantic search is becoming a big upcoming topic that is promising a lot in terms of the way we search the web and more importantly how we view the information in different media.

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Finally the official Twitter share button has been announced

The official Twitter share button has been finally released. It will replace the Tweetmeme button most websites use today. Tweetmeme required users to connect their Twitter accounts to Tweetmeme before they could share a page making the tweet a little more complicated than it should be.

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Sketching out ideas on your iPad

The iPad is a great tool for both jotting down ideas quickly and working out concepts in detail. Here are three free apps that I recommend for slightly different sketching uses.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas is a good multi-purpose app to sketch things out. If you only want to use one app for both diagrams and designs use this.

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Website Checklist

Building websites is a glamorous business, but at the end you still need to consider if that website is usable and works in most browsers. I've built this handy checklist based on some web searches and from personal experience. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. I want this list to grow!

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Get a Simple Desktop

A nice and simple desktop is not only inspiring but helps you find your files quickly too. I recommend you change it regularly to keep your screen fresh. Here are a couple of great desktops from Simple Desktops.

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Top 5 online Backup services for your Mac

If you keep your original and backup files in the same physical location you may lose them both at the same time because of theft, fire or other misfortune. It's a good idea to have an off-site backup for your files besides your local Time Machine disk.

If you have a fast internet connection, you can consider to get online backup as it is the easiest automated option. Here are the top 5 most recommended services.

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Hide files and folders in the Mac OS X Finder

ninja Finder

If you share a computer with someone, or your office computer is accessible to prying eyes and you want to hide a file or folder of private documents, it’s quite easy to do without the need to download any software.


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