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Paragraph break vs Line break in OSX

If you're having troubles with text jumbled together when copy pasting documents the issue is most likely caused by incorrect use of line breaks and paragraph breaks. This is usually a problem with MS Word documents.

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Untrash files in OS X 10.6

Did you know you can move the file back from trash to the folder it was originally trashed from?

The simplest way to do this is to select the file in the trash and use the same shortcut used to trash files Apple-Backspace (Cmd-Backspace). Alternatively you can Ctrl-Click the file and select the put back command from the contextual menu.

This can be particularly useful if you deleted multiple files from many folders and you need to move them all back at once.

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How famous companies were named

Apple Computers

Favourite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. He was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if the other colleagues didn't suggest a better name by 5 o'clock.

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Inklet turns your trackpad into a tablet

I always loved tablets not only for drawing and retouching but for general navigation. I found them more precise and faster to use than a mouse. The only problem with tablets is their size. Even though I use a small Bamboo I'm reluctant to carry it along every time.

The trackpad for general navigation is a close contender especially if you use one of those new MacBooks or MBPs with large trackpad areas. The only problem with trackpads is that fingertips aren't a very precise tool.

It looks like Inklet may provide a good solution overall giving you the option to have precise navigation and portability. Inklet turns your trackpad into a tablet. It will never be as good as a full size tablet, but good enough for 95% of tasks. Check out the video below.

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Create color palettes on the go

Have you ever seen an inspiring scene that felt just right for the project you were working on? With the free iPhone app created by Neenah paper Think Ink (iTunes link) you can create multiple color palettes from a picture in a few easy steps. Take the picture, center it on a key color, select the mood, save the palette and get the CMYK and RGB numbers right on the screen. See the screenshoots below.

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Using Curves to Lighten Images in Photoshop

Adapted from Photoshop CS4 Bible (Wiley Publishing) - By Stacy Cates, Simon Abrams, Dan Moughamian
Version: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Making images or parts of images lighter, or brighter, is a commonly needed adjustment. There are many ways to lighten an image in Photoshop. You can use a lightening process that lightens the light and/or dark qualities of an image (the luminosity or luminance) along with the colors in an image.

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Tagging files for Spotlight

Spotlight is great if you have a unique word to search for. But if you happen to search for a common word you will likely find hundreds of hits which makes searching less effective.

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Save space by switching off psd layers

Photoshop files tend to be huge. If you want to save disk space both on your primary HD and your backup disks there is a very simple trick that can reduce files sizes by more than 50%. Before you save just switch off the visibility of all layers. With the layers switched off, Photoshop will not save layer previews resulting in smaller file sizes. At times the saving is as little as 10%, but in other cases it can be up to 90%.

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How to check your logo for originality

As you must have noticed several times in the past (Quark, City of Kelowna, Fallen footware, etc.) it is highly probable that the logo you designed and believe to be original has already been done in a similar form in the past.


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