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Life Achieved

This is a basic icon for a website for real life achievements, the title of the website is Life-Achieved.
It needs to be suitable for both high and low resolutions, hence the simplicity.
please let me know any critique or tips!

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Like it better than your other one - this is starting to look like an actual logo. But right now all you have is a trophy with a check mark. The check is enough to make it stand out a little from basic clip art - but not really enough to make it iconic and memorable in relation to your organization. What you need to do is to find a way to tie in your org. Figure out a way to incorporate your initials or something. Give it that extra impact that makes people remember it.

As always... jmho.

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not sure this is intended as the logo. brief says "icon for a website" that could mean a variety of different things...

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It's intended to be used as logo. However we also intend to use it as icon for apps, favicon, etc, which is why we've tried to keep it simple so far (so it can scale well).

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i like the cleanliness of it. but its almost too rudimentary. almost "atari 2600" looking - which COULD be cool depending on the overal graphic style of the site. you and your client [who chimed in at one point] are still being a little vague as to what the actual endeavor is about...

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Hi i'm one of the others on this project, so i'll explain a little more about this.
it's going to be a website where people can track and complete "Real life achievements".
A very current example of a pssible achievement would be the harlem shake videos.
it's all just for good fun and anything but serious, so the abstract arcady look is partially on purpose.
the use of this logo/icon will be the head of the page together with the site title (Life Achieved), and further use like an app icon for mobile devices, the tab marker in browsers and an icon for achievements.

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sorry, not making the connection between "real life achievements" and harlem shake videos...

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A real life achievement is doing something crazy just for fun. or at least that is the idea for this site.
It is inspired by game achievements.
hence making a harlem shake video would grant you an achievement, probably called "Have a stroke". ;)
It is meant to be fun and humorous, to get people to go out and do crazy things together.
on the site you will be able to track what achievements you have done and what friends are doing/have done.
This is something targeted mainly at teenagers and young adults.

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The definition of a life achievement will greatly very from person to person, I really think you should either look for a name change here or carefully think what you're trying to do with the website and who you'll be attracting initially. Currently it sounds like a motivational site of experiences from successful people. Since websites and their success are counted in pageviews and purchases (only if you're selling stuff) you may get a false sense of success if people google a search term that happens to relate to you and is disappointed and exits out when they get there. All of these things help become clear by naming, logos, proper message, etc.

Better than your old one but knowing what it's about now, take the checkmark out and stylize the cup into something the people looking for the website specifically would relate to.

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"Currently it sounds like a motivational site of experiences from successful people"

yeah, your site sounds like an ok idea i guess. but it does sound like your'e branding it unwisely. though i guess the irony of labeling doing something goofy a "life achievement" might be appreciated by some in your target audience...

given what youve told us i say take the cup FULLY 8-bit (no curves, only blocks), atari2600 might be a good idea.

side note: could someone please tell me what the point of all these harlem shake videos is? ive glanced through a few and its just a collection of people dumb dancing.

am i missing something?

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Nope, seems you've summed it up just fine. It's just about the same level of planking and other random crap people do in a walmart on their boring thursday evenings.

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I'd have to agree. Personally I'd like to keep stuff like that from the site, but I guess we'll kinda have to adapt to what the users want, which sadly might be stuff like that. At least we can take stabs at them (like describing the achievement as "Congratulations, you just had a stroke.").

Also, I like the 8 bit idea.

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I like your idea of 8-Bit. ;)

As much as i appreciate your concern, we only need critique for the design of the logo, we don't need you to analyze our business or marketing plan. ^^

Nothing personal ofcourse, but let's just focus on the graphical part, you are of great help to us in that department!

and for the Harlem Shake videos: it's like any other internet meme/hype: the first time you see it its cool due to the "WTF, LOL" factor, as i call it.
the first one i saw was "The harlem shake: army edition" which has that factor if you dont know the harlem shake yet.
sadly though, people become horny for attention and all start to copy it "because it's cool" and that is where it becomes very, VERY lame...

as MaienM said, we (as far as i know all of us) don't like those things (planking, gangnam dancing, harlem shaking, owling, etc.) but it will be a neccesary evil to keep users happy.

as our PR/Marketing guy, i've also bee thinking about the possible confusion about our name, but this is a site that is VERY heavily based on a long term community, which means that the name is inferior to ad campaigns and "Spread the word" advertising.
so due to the short but strong, self explanatory nature of our current name + the irony found in it I decided it's best to stick with this name.

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