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Life Achieved

By now you probably know us, but here is our most current version. ;)
(for newcomers: click & click)

We tried to put further emphasis on the purpose of the site with the first, second and third place arrows, and tried to fill up the void if a concept of our initials.
furthermore, the bright but pale colours (should) give off a friendly but recognizable vibe, which should make the logo more "ours".

any critique is welcome, if you have any better ideas to fill up the void in the middle, please tell us!

thanks for your attention.

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JESUS ON A BOAT! thats just plain horrid!

you took anything good about the idea and pretty much just took a big, huge crap all over it.
not good. not good at all.

: (

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hahaha! thanks for the honesty. ;)
back to the drawing board then.

do you like the idea of the arrows though?
or just all pure sh*t?

in other words, should we take a big or small step back? ^^

thanks again, huge help!

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seems to me the arrows and the cup are two different ideas... and that godawful 45° skew on the LA.
it seems to me that youre not sure what element is king here. as you have several fighting for that position.

id really try to stay away from incorporating LA into the icon. yes, they are your initials. but there is no rule saying you have to incorporate that into your icon. id work on a stand alone icon and then a type treatment for the "life achievements" part

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this brainstorm process is natural... some wrong direction...

the pressure... your inconscious, your ego are taking control...

L.A. people are not green goblins

try hot or desert palettes

yes I'm brazilian xD

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You took a logo that was getting progressively simpler and more pure to its purpose and went backwards, see previous critique thread for wgzns advice about an 8bit cup.

"any critique is welcome, if you have any better ideas to fill up the void in the middle"

Logo design isn't about making a busy piece of artwork. It's about making something functional and resonating. If you can't show it to someone with very little drawing skills for a half second, as typical to zooming past a billboard at 100km/hr and they can't easily recreate the core gestures of it, it probably isn't working as well as it could. Once you know the rules, then you can break them down and play with them making more complex logos in appropriate situations and settings based on its audience.

Relatively speaking, you need to hop off the computer and do this right from the start. Research yourself without bias, make mindmaps outlining your company, the goals, what you're communicating and start from there by sketching ideas out. That way you're not going back and copying/pasting arrows to shift into position and skewing type. It's much harder to do these things on paper and easier to distill them for what they are.

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And never use outline type.

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UNLESS that's the theme of the whole design. like an old wood cut sign and its actually different paths

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Wow great advice guys! :)

we'll go back to brainstorming with your words as inspiration, so you'll see something new pop up from us when we get there. ;)

thanks again for the great help, we can really use it!

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