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logo photo gallery

Hello, I would like to know your opinions about this idea. thanks

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I'm confused at your avatar and then what's being shown.

It reminds me of an egg more honestly, the thin typography and obscure hard contrasted centre are uncomfortable, I really think that this will need some old fashioned sketch-work put into this. The "photo gallery" tag line also isn't working, the further you zoom out of that, the less legible it is. At a standard widescreen resolution I can barely see the thing as it is and it's currently 2x3" in actual size.

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pretty bad actually. looks more like a mutant olive than a red eye. is the pupil supposed to be off center? and whats the logic for the nearly impossible to see tagline? is thats what's supposed to be causing the red eye?

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Feel like I'm being mesmerized... like the eye has some kind of unknown power that's drawing me in and making me yearn for more knowledge about the company...

Nope - just kidding. Looks like we're being punk'd again.

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don't know if people will take this brand seriously even as a joke

british have this kind of eccentricity

tell us about business and target.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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The business is about a photograph gallery that is focused for people who want to exhibit their photographs and can not find a place that allows them to expose there work. This happens all the time in Mexican galleries. This is a place in which there are no limitation or filter for the photographers, and the artists can receive feedback. Which will serve as a concrete experience or achieve a good sale. If you can see the logo has a eye in the center of it and backwards is written the word eye. The word eye has a "Y" that represents the body of the logo. I selected the color red because of the effect it has in cameras. Also it is clear to me that once you reveal a image you can see that red is a important tonality of light in the photograph. The other way to look at it is a tired or irritated eye, or perhaps a different eye from others.

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Too many concepts in one piece, that's what brought us to this part.

-Is the website for selling or just a gallery? A website for critique? Both? Need to firm this up first. The fact that you have a "red eye" isn't much of a concept so much as okay, it's a red eye- now what?
-The upside down part of the Y forming a body is something of I fear you being too close to this project, very few would see that and if they did it would be a fun "oh look" rather than a well thought out pause that would draw some sort of attention with intent behind it.
-Not sure what you mean about red being important. I want to say dark room photography but that doesn't relate to what I'm misunderstanding for what you have written.
-The tired or irritated eye reference would be a good example as to why you wouldn't want to use this logo as an example if you were offering services, gallery or critique. Do you want to feel tired or irritated by someones body of work?

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where are you getting "website"? i dont see where the OP mentioned anything about a website...

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My mistake there, sorry, lol.

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not necessarily. it may have simply been implied. and i'm too old to catch it.
but it sounds like it's an actual facility to me...

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i think this may be one of two (or both) scenarios:

1. a difference in geographic / socio-economic perceptions (what works in one culture, may not work in another)

2. a relatively inexperienced designer

the concept of the eyeball and upside down Y making a humanoid figure COULD be a cute idea. but as others have mentioned. its WAY too subtle here. i never would have made the connection if you hadnt pointed it out.

and your "eye" is just all wrong. its squished and the coloring is wrong. as you have it, the iris is red. thats not the part of the eye that gets red (unless maybe there is something seriously wrong with you)

the idea is fun in a cheeky kind of way. but the execution of the components needs a re-think.

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Having the word eye backwards does not make much sense, plus the readability is very low.

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