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Lonely Museum with out a home

Great Plains Black History Museum (GPBHM) is in need of a logo. No previous logo found but they have been around since the early '60s. Didn't know if I wanted to go with the stereotypical "museum" logo or something abstract.

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none of these really speak to "black history" and though i get what the top one is doing, it LOOKS like a weird, pot-belly cartoon character backing up to a stack of canons.

the bottom one with the letter spacing, i first see the acronym GPBHM. and im not sure if a bauhaus / early 1990's look has any thematic connection to black history...

this might be ok for your 365 logo project. but not for a real logo

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haha Oh man! This can't been unseen now...pot-belly man.

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A LOT of research is needed on the civil rights movement and the history of slavery, struggles and culture is needed. It may also help to find out what countries those you're communicating to are from. Black people aren't only from "africa" or one country within (as I'm sure you know. There's a very diverse and varying culture that stretches from tribal to french, belgian, english rule and the messages and culture they have come to know as their own.

I like the idea* of the first one but I don't feel the second would fill the bill at all. Another good way to research this, assuming it exists is to go to the museum itself and look at what they focus on, their goals and their own history, etc. Need to get all variables for something like this to truly speak volumes.

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Thanks, I can only go off my childhood memories for visiting the museum itself. (it flooded a few years back) They do however have a few of the artifacts at the university that I checked out before I took on the project.

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I'm with WG - they just don't say "black" (other than the color) or "history" to me. You could use these ideas for just about anything.

Not a fan of all caps either.

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I LOVE ALL CAPS but maybe I do need to set this style aside. Thanks Art. BTW did you ever get a chance to see your 365logo?

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Forgot all about it. What was it again? "Pizza" something? I looked on your site and didn't see it. Hook us up, please.

It does look like you took our advice though - the later logos look a little more developed.

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The one on top is too boring. It's just a map. The bottom one looks like Dymo-Tape labels. Don't be afraid to break free. The museum's focus is on one of the most dramatic stories ever told. Look for icons of the African-American experience and stylize one, maybe?


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With the bottom one, I was going with the '70s black power fist; didn't turn out due to the number of characters in each word.

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I like the type on the top one but not the map. Delete the map and maybe add something else that is more museumy to it. Possibly lines or shape of the actual structure, etc.

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