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For the Love of Tools

It wasn't so long ago that "graphic artist" was a trade like most others, with skills and practices that traced their origins back decades, if not centuries. In those days designers were surrounded in their studios by tools, few of which remain in widespread use in the digital age. But as designers, our love of tools, and a sense of the importance of the hand of the creator, remains. Just think of Photoshop's Pencil, Pen, Brush and Eraser tools — it's clear that we're still closely attached to the notion of using tools, even if they're just metaphors of real-world counterparts.

So if you're a big fan of tools, you'll probably want to check out the latest offering from Pop Chart Lab. This small firm has made a name for itself thanks to its goal "to render all of human experience in chart form." While this might take some time to complete, along the way we've been treated to some worthy infographics, available as large-format prints. Now comes The Chart of Hand Tools, which packs 300 carefully-rendered tools into a 24 by 36-inch space, printed on archival stock with brass and aluminum metallic inks, priced at $32.

Click the image below twice to enlarge.

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Thank you for sharing

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Yeah I think his right, "as designers, our love of tools, and a sense of the importance of the hand of the creator, remains."
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