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Become an iChat poweruser

iChat is fun. Visit the creativebits iChat room to meet people from all around the world or choose any other room from iChat rooms listings.

Learn some useful iChat shortcuts. Press Apple-K (Cmd-K) to create a link in your message. Once you pasted in the url in the pop-up window you will get a link with a text saying here in your entry box. You can overwrite it to create a more descriptive link.

When you are in an iChat room by default you don't see every persons avatar. You will need to add them to your buddy list. Don't worry you can drag them out later. Click on the persons default icon in the message box drawer and press Apple-Shift-A (Cmd-Shift-A) to add the person to your buddy list.

To invite a person to a chat room from your buddy list, just drag their icon from the buddy list to the iChat room window drawer.

Check out macmerc and ichatmasters for more tips.

If you don't have an account to use iChat you can get one either from AIM or .mac. I recommend .mac, because you get a few month free membership on .mac, and after that even if you don't get the membership you can retain your user name for free.

The little red/green lamp shows if I'm currently on-line. But even if it's red you may find creativebits readers in the room. Yesterday it was busy busy. :)

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The room link is cool. How did you do it?

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you can do all kinds of iChat links: linky

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Hey Ivan...SparkCollector here...

What's your iChat screen name? I've got a cool tip for you, and just wanted a quick chat to make sure it's one you haven't published yet.

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hey! it's iraszl and i'm on AIM. thanks!

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