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Dock icon menus

Dock application menuDid you know that if you click and hold (or CTRL-Click) an application icon in the dock it brings up a menu that gives you the basic most frequently used functions of that particular application? For example iTunes gives you the functions of a simple remote. Suitcase enables you to open font sets. System preferences gives you all of its sections in alphabetical order.

With applications where the developers didn't take advantage of this feature there are still things you can do. Switch between open documents, show the application in Finder (same as Apple-Click or Cmd-Click), Hide and Quit the application. You can also Force quit applications that were accidentally launched while the icon is still bouncing. You can think of your dock as an application specific second menu bar.

To make space in your dock and get rid of frequently used applications, without loosing them from the dock is to create an applications folder pop-up, which will operate in a similar way as the Dock icon menus.

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It's very handy. If an application is locked up, there will be a "Force Quit" option on the menu. Or, you can hold down the option key when you click on the icon and "Fore Quit" will be there whether the application is responsive or not.

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