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Dock vs. PS Feather shortcut

Longlife asked in the forum if there is a way to disable OS X Apple-Alt-D (Command-Option-D) shortcut that hides and shows the dock, because it is interfering with the PhotoShop Feather command shortcut. I'm sure many PS fans miss that frequent key combo, so here is how to restore it.

Go to your System Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse and select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Look for the Dock and disable the Automatically hide and show the Dock shortcut. From now on your Feather shortcut in PhotoShop will work as it is supposed to.

Once you're there, you might also want to check out the other key combos in that list. See if there is something useful you didn't know about, such as the screenshot shortcuts.

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This is also the same command for the "power-duplicate" feature in Freehand.

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What's power duplicate? Simple duplicate is Apple-D, right? For me Apple-Alt-D opens the Documents window.

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