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Paste and match the style

When you copy and paste text using Apple-C / Apple-V you are not only copying the textual data but also the styling of the text. This is not a good thing most of the time as it would create a mix of different font types, colors, weights, etc. in your document and you have to manually reset to make it look consistent.

You can however use a simple trick to bypass the pasting of stylistic info and just paste the textual data. Just use the Apple-Option-Shift-V shortcut to paste and avoid extra work.

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On my Mac this doesn't work, I used to use "paste special" option, but it's not available on browsers (FF 3.5)

Any hint if I write on word and then paste the text on my blog editor, without pasting metadata?

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Just did a test a copied and pasted some of Ivan's text from the browser to a Stickies note on my desktop and it worked there. I'll have to give it some time to see if it holds up in all applications.

I have to say that copying the style is something that has driven me crazy. I just hate it, and really can't see too many uses for it. But maybe others out there love it.

Thanks a bunch Ivan, this is one tip that's going to get heavily used.

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How very intuitive!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Tried the trick in Illustrator but doesn't work there....

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In illustrator when you copy from Mail or Textedit the style is lost by default. If you copy within Illustrator the trick above doesn't work. And, as far as I know there is no solution. Apparently the next version of Illustrator will have the feature to paste without formatting like InDesign has it already.

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