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Smart calculator

The OS X Calculator features some really cool little known functions, besides the occasional bugs.

Did you know that you can convert Area, Energy to Work, Temperature, Length, Speed, Pressure, Weights and Masses, Power, Volume and most importantly Currency with it? Just select the appropriate menu point from the Convert menu. The currency exchange rates are downloaded from the internet and can be updated at any time. You can do such conversions on the web, some of them right from Google, but it's nice to have them all in the calculator to be used even offline.

It's also useful that you can switch on the calculators Speech function to hear what you type and what the result is. Very handy when you are adding up a bunch of numbers and don't want to look away from your document to the screen and back. Another cool function is that you can turn on a virtual paper tape, that can be later saved or printed for reference or checkup.

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Even cooler than that is the fact that the paper tape is editable, so you can go back and replace one figure to check how the results differ.

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Excellent! Thanks for the tip!

Dale Cruse

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But if you're using Windows, you should give Microsoft Calculator Plus a try which is a smart and good looking too (although it comes with a disgusting default skin, so you should switch to 'classic' ASAP :P).

A must have for every windows user ;]

The Tornado /

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I don't believe it, I had no idea about this. Funny thing is I saw South African rands in the currency convertor, however, when I updated it wasn't there anymore.


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