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Need help naming my new Recruitment Agency

Hi All,

I am reaching out to a more creative mindset to help me come up with a creative name for my recruitment company.

By way of background, I have 8 years experience and following 6 months off in a fight with cancer the time is right to set up my own IT Recruitment Agency

The name does not need to be IT-specific as I may branch into other sectors over time.

I do like alliteration - though names I like such as "Priority People" a"Professional Placements" are both gone.

Thanks in advance folks

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maybe you dont intend to be a freeloader. but many (most) of us are creative professionals. meaning that we do this for a living. asking us for "help" naming your business is really just asking us to work for free.

showing work that youve done and asking for input or critique is one thing. but asking us to do work from scratch - especially having really no background info - is just unreasonable

you might try craigslist. that seems to be the place for such requests. usually under the guise of helping "build your portfolio"

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You're taking away the most fun part of starting a business from yourself and asking us to do it for you with literally no background information or payment. This really has to come from you, you're the one who will have to be motivated enough to keep this going.

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How about 'Cant be bothered Recruitment' ?

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Here in my country there are a lot of "Sem nome" stores that means "nameless".
"Quitanda Sem nome" or "nameless greengrocery"
"Cantinho Sem nome" or "nameless corner"

good name for lazy people

yes I'm brazilian xD

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You always crack me up, qwerty. :)

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"One-Click" Placements (Your One-Click from meeting your IT Professional needs)

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yeah, because anything even resembling that domain name will be available...

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2 pencils 2.99 resembling it is all you need the idea and slogan still fit?

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